An Outdoor Telraam: Is It Even Possible?

What if you really want to take part and count, but you simply don’t have a suitable window facing the street?

If you think you’d enjoy the design challenge of hosting your Telraam outdoors, then you can join a dedicated club of innovators who have managed just that. If you do this, we would love to hear more about your experience (successful or otherwise), and don’t forget to share the results here for others to learn from.

Example 1


Example 2

Example 3

Inspired yet?

Make sure to check our testimonials and learn from the users who developed the outdoor solutions pictured above: Telraam_Outdoor_Testimonials_EN.pdf (1.7 MB). Or have a look at this recent Swedish example (in Swedish).

Have you come up with yet another way of installing a Telraam outside? We would love to see what you came up with!

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Did anyone succeed in increasing the Telraam’s wifi range by connecting an antenna to the Raspberry Pi 3? I think I could find a mounting position (with better view) outside the window but without modifications I do not get a connection there.
If I could place it outside, would there be the possibility to read data from a temperature sensor? That would allow to investigate the impact of temperature on the cycling mode share :slight_smile:

Would it not be easier to install a WiFi extender to the house nearer your outdoor installation rather than try to connect directly to the raspberry pi?

For sure that would be the easiest way, but it would also double the energy consumption which contradicts my motivation for doing this. Meanwhile I figured out that there are 1 m camera cables available, so maybe I’ll go for a split solution - camera outside, Pi inside :slight_smile:

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Stephan - I’m using 2m ribbon cables (indoors) for the camera with no issues. You do need to keep the cable ‘straight’; - I’ve found that coiling or part coiling a long cable introduces significant interference that will prevent the Telraam from being able to count. You would probably want to protect the cable from weather & direct sunlight somehow.


Thanks @Andy_O for sharing your experiences.
My telraam (the cam) went outdoor this weekend, also using a 2 m cable which is perfect to get the data from outside “through” the window:

I do hope that gravity helps to keep the camera dry under its little hood:

Image quality is of course much better now without any glas and reflections and I hope to get meaningful data from the device, despite the quite “topish” view.
And I do wonder, if the algorithms noticed the changed mounting position and will recalibrate everything? Right now I get heavy vehicle counts that appear to be quite too big.

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That’s an interesting solution @stephan.stabrey - I hope it doesn’t get too windy! :slight_smile: :leaves:

With regard to the classification by the V1, it will indeed recalibrate in time.

In terms of accuracy I should point out that this particular angle for a V1 might prove a little tricky. As you know, the V1 uses bounding boxes (shapes) to determine classification, and from a very high and sharp angle, the shape of bikes in particular could prove a little hard to identify. Instead of being an upside down T (with wider shape for the wheels and the rider in the middle), they will appear more linear from above, and this could result in them being classified as cars.

If that happens there might be some knock-on effects for the classification of heavy vehicles as actual cars may appear correspondingly much larger compared to these misclassified bikes.

However, it will be interesting to see how it copes and what the actual angle is.

And talking of outdoor installations, here’s one I came across in Bristol (UK) - it’s in the black box

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As the news about the S2 spread wider and more people are buying them, we’re getting asked this a lot.

Has anyone tried doing something like this with an S2 device by any chance? I’d be interested to hear your ideas and stories