Telraam in the news: Making roads safer in Baltimore, USA

Well, that was a suprise!

We’ve just come across an article about Telraam data making the news in Baltimore, USA.

If I’m not mistaken, this is @jed and his self-built outdoor enclosure that is gathering this data on behalf of the “Greater Remington Improvement Association”.

It would be interesting to see if Jed has already done any analysis of the data that has been gathered. We would certainly be happy to liaise with the Baltimore DOT to assure them of the validity of the data, and maybe help them to consider further improvements like this in collaboration with citizens in that city.

Well done Jed! Happy counting!

Hey Rob! Thanks for posting this. It was exciting to see the reporter mention the Telraam device in the article.

I work for the local non-profit in Baltimore that does bike, transit, and walking advocacy, called Bikemore. We advocated for the original “Big Jump” connection and the extension of it mentioned in the article. I happen to live in the neighborhood, and I advocated for installation of the device to get some before and after data along the corridor.

BCDOT has very limited capacity for data collection themselves. Bikemore had access to Streetlight data through a grant, but that grant closed out about a year ago, so we began exploring other alternatives. BCDOT also had access to that, but I don’t think they can currently afford it. They’ve been limited to paying contractors for studies on individual road segments.

I would love to connect the Telraam team to BCDOT and/or the reporter to talk about data validation. Hopefully our limited analysis we’ve done based on the monthly reports is accurate :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds exciting. I do hope the results continue to be positive.

Yes, by all means see if we can set up a conversation with BCDOT as this would help them, and maybe allow them to connect with citizen campaigns like yours better who can provide them with useful data and insight.

I would also be happy to speak to the reporter (though probably separately, as transport authorities probably prefer not having a reporter in the room for such discussions :grinning: )

I assume your casing is still working OK? Any issues with temperature, like condensation?

We have had no issues with the casing/temperature/condensation that we have noticed, at least. We left a small hole for air venting where the cables enter, which I think has helped. It’s on the bottom, so water can’t get in.

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