What drives you crazy on your street?

What is the thing that most annoys you that happens on your street?

I can probably list at least 5 or 6, but I think the one that really most annoys me are people riding motorcycles with exhausts that have been specifically designed to be as loud as possible.

Why are these even allowed in cities?

Traffic can be bad, cars can play music too loud, loads may not be secured in trucks … but these are individuals’ decisions or a sad outcome of our cultural car-dependence … but I simply can’t understand why someone thinks it is OK to ride a vehicle that makes so much noise that everyone is passes, including inside buildings, will hear it.

This is not just the Harley Davidsons I’m talking about, but even the 125-250cc bikes with outsized exhausts that blast high pitch ratchet sounds.

Aargh!! :triumph:

What get’s you most annoyed?


Sluipverkeer …
Bussen die stoppen voor mijn huis terwijl er geen bushalte is…

Google Translate:

Undercut traffic…
Buses that stop in front of my house when there is no bus stop…

Geen idee of ‘‘sluipverkeer’’ juist vertaald is.

Thank you so much @ernestclaeslaan

In answer to your question, I think we would translate “sluipverkeer” as “rat run” - which I tried to explain here in the past. Is that what you mean?

The buses one is interesting and not one I had considered. Are these just random stops (so the driver can rest) or where the driver picks up passengers not at a designated bus stop?

The (mostly empty) articulated busses that drive a lot faster than allowed through our small village streets and the municipality blocking speed reducing measures, just to make sure that there is access for these empty busses.

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That’s interesting. Why are the buses so empty? Maybe they don’t remember to stop? :wink:

I have to say it is surprising that in 2023 that public service vehicles are not fitted with speed limiters that are aware of the immediate speed limits around them

Most annoying are indeed noisy cars, motorcycles and/or mopeds with adapted or even original exhausts.
Would be great to add a kind of a dBA meter to Telraam

Loud Exhausts, Hard acceleration, Horns. And Flytipping. These all dissappeard for a year when end of road was closed for bike lane construction. But my urban street is still actually more quiet than a semi rural scottish island with Farm Traffic and boy racers at night. Although everyone is in bed by 0130! Maybe “accoustic” events could be recorded if calibration of noise or data required is too difficult. We use sound dosimeters for musicians and actors at work and they are spendy!

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Noise from speeding vehicles. Particularly in the evenings / at night - it’s more noticeable during warm weather when we have windows open. The sound / pitch of vehicles going past at ~twice the speed limit is noticeably higher than vehicles going past ~at or below the speed limit.
Also a fairly high number of vehicles with very sick tyres (produced a very different noise - either flat or with something large stuck in them) - including during lockdown apparently a vehicle drove along on its wheel rim, going off the marks it made on the road…

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