What does your street profile look like?

Telraam allows users to define their street profile. This enables users to compare traffic counts with streets that have a similar profile. For example, the profile of the street where my colleague @ElkeFranchois lives, the Platte Lostraat in Leuven, looks like this:

It’s a fairly simple street, designed for local traffic. You can find more info about this specific street on the Telraam website.

What does your street profile look like?

Does your street have a similar profile? Do you see a link between your street profile and the mobility issues you experience? Do you think changes to the profile of your street could improve liveability? What changes would you like to see? Share a printscreen of your street profile in the replies below and let us know!

How can I complete my street profile?

That’s quite easy. Simply go to your Telraam dashboard, click on “Street Profile” and fill out the short survey. Done? Great, your street profile has now been added to your street’s public page!

How can I compare my street to streets with a similar profile?

That’s quite easy too! There is a specific Telraam tool for this purpose: the Ranking tool.

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It would be interesting to see how different our streets really are.

Here is my profile:

In fact the street is divided into three lanes - one each direction, plus a bus lane in East to West direction, but this isn’t a current option, so it isn’t quite as wide and generous as this :slight_smile:

You can see the rest of the information here


My streetprofile has a bike path and a pedestrian walk way on the side of the street where the camera is located, but the camera can not pick it up. should I adjust my streetprofile to what is actually seen in the Telraam camera?

The street profile won’t change how the Telraam device counts the traffic, but it does help the system to compare your street with other similar streets. If you want to update the profile, it will help you and maybe others who are analysing and comparing data.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Rob: I added a picture (Dashboard/ Photo street) that gives a good impression of the situation in my street.

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I have written a text about my own analysis of the Telraamdata (Verenigingstraat). Unfortunately it’s not visible to website visitors.

  • The layout of the text is not very nice.
  • It would be great if we could add drawings/ diagrams/ charts.

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Het is een gewone straat, categorie 3 : bestemmingsstraat.
Helaas is er veel sluipverkeer, om de drukke steenweg te vermijden.

this is my street profile (Vakenstraat, Rotselaar). A classic 'Vlaamse steenweg

Telraam | Vakenstraat