Times of speeding

Hi Rob,
For some reason I feel like I saw a data chart showing speeds of cars and time of day, however I may be mistaken. Does such a thing exist ( I can’t find it) ? We’re trying to find out when are the daylight times for speeding cars here (normally evening and early am is the highest speeds but I understand these won’t show up)
Many thanks

Hi Emma

Yes, there are several ways to look at speed profiles across the day.

What you need to look for are the V85 figures however (which is a form of averaging - otherwise we have to give you a breakdown of all speeds for every hour).

You have a summary version on your main public report

However, if you want a much more detailed look at a particular day, you can go to your new detailed report (go to Reports on your dashboard, and “dig deeper”) and you will see the V85 for each 15 minutes

In this example, I believe the road should be a 20mph limit, and the fact that the V85 is consistently over 20mph indicates that a substantial portion (if V85>20, then >15% is exceeding this speed) of traffic will be speeding. This is the kind of evidence needed to pressure for further speed limiting interventions.

Ah ok, I’ll take a look at that. That’s really helpful. We’re trying to persuade Met, and both councils we need a speed camera here. They have carried out speed watch but chose strange times of day to do it, I wanted to give them a time of day that might be better. they do acknowledge there is a problem with it here.
Thanks again

I should also have pointed you to the Trend map in that case as we do this for speeds as well. Here you can see speed trends changing over time

You can see the early morning spike (slightly hidden by our current dark mornings) but clearly visible in August and September - sorry this graph doesn’t convert to MPH yet so is still KPH

Thanks Rob, that is very useful. I think we’ll approach the met again. They never do speed checks after dark here. Sadly that’s when our cats get run over, luckily no humans yet.

Hi Rob, a resident has asked me about V85 and I can’t explain it - please could you explain it to me in simple terms? Also our counter wasn’t counting this morning and now that its darker even at 7.30am I don’t think it picks up the traffic.
Many thanks

Did you see the link I posted above? Is this enough, or do you need more?

Yes, we are currently missing a bit of data in the morning rush hour, but we do rely on daylight. The clocks will soon go back so we will gather a bit more data again for a while longer.

We are working on Night counts, but that algorithm is not yet available. If and when it is deployed, we will update the software on existing devices (no need to change).

Thanks Rob, if we look at your message with the summary version ‘Speed cars V85’ so between
14.00-15.00 the V85 is 27 mph, therefore at that time 85% are going below 27 mph and 15% of vehicles are going above 27 mph?

That is correct, yes