Telraam demonstrating the impact of speed calming measures

This is one of my favorite stories of the We-Count project. In short, the Brusselsestraat is an important entry/exit axis for the city centre of Leuven. It has a 30 km/h speed limit but cars typical drive faster there.

There’s a local group of residents advocating for speed calming measures for a long time already. Thanks to the We-Count project, they received and installed a Telraam and analyzed the data themselves. The analysis demonstrated that more than half of passing cars was speeding. The city of Leuven agreed to intervention to reduce the speed of passing cars and first installed a small digital sign showing speed of passing cars and later on installed a road bump. As the Telraam-device was on that segment, Telraam data showed the impact of both measures. Indeed, non-compliance of the 30km/h speed limit dropped to 40% after installation of the sign and to less than 10% after installation of the speed bump.

Full story on We-Count website.


I really like how clear the graph is regarding the interventions - you can clearly see the effects, and when they happened