Open data for Mobility impact

Open and transparent traffic data are essential for mobility policy.

Ensuring open data offers the opportunity for a wider range of skilled interested parties to look into matters and to tell new stories.

Telraam provides the following tools for this:

  • Collected traffic data is visible to everyone via the interactive map on the Telraam homepage.

    The professional Telraam network dashboard allows local authorities to monitor the Telraam-devices in their project area, export the data and perform live analysis.

  • Through the Telraam API, anyone can retrieve all traffic data directly, under an open data licence, for application in their own database or existing dashboard. Telraam won an award for API of the Year in 2020 and we look to continue our commitment to Open Data

Coming soon:

Telraam will soon be launching a new interactive data tool for mapping and modelling local traffic using data collected locally. This tool will be a cost-effective addition to greatly improve local mobility planning as well as maintaining citizen participation and engagement. If you are interested in hearing more about this, get in touch.