Moved camera to new street. Old data not visible on map?

Nope, don’t got it.


I moved this Telraam from Acton Street (between Rose Street and Ada Street) in Berkeley CA.
The camera moved to Kains Avenue in Albany CA.
The new location shows up
Telraam | Kains Ave
But there’s no trace or gray line at the old location, and the old data seems gone. Is that old data gone?

Did you move the device by editing the location, or did you reinstall in the new location?

At the bottom of your Setup page on the dashboard is this function:

If you use this, then the old data is left where it was and the device counts in the new location. If you did this and the data is not showing up, I can look into it further.

However, at a quick glance, I can see that data. You can either browse on the map or go to the old segment ID:

yes, I used “Move to a new position”.
There are three Telraams on Acton street: that’s one of the wrong ones.

The data is showing up under the old ID

But there’s no matching segment on the live map.

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OK, I will check that out for you

OK, I will check that out for you

Find anything?

Not yet.

The data was obviously gathered but for some reason is not appearing in the ‘store’ we use to display on the site. We will investigate but the team is extremely busy with some major development work so we’ve not got around to this quite yet. Don’t worry, it will appear once we sort it out