Missing data today and yesterday

Hi I’m missing todays data in the detail overview and yesterdays in the overview per day.

My S2 is up and counting at least the dashboard says it got data today at 12:00.


It also doesn’t change anything if I update the date

The link you shared is to a specific set of dates, until Monday

if you click this version, do you see yesterday’s information?

Yes this works but also I got home and the device was on the floor the housing doesn’t clip together properly it looks like the black part wasn’t formed properly. The white backing fell off and the wire to the antenna dragged the rest of it on the floor. Looks like the 3M tape triggered it to fall it’s starting to peel a little so that put the whole device at a slight backwards tilt. I have new tape I ordered when I saw there was only one set in the box. I’ll replace it tomorrow and see if it holds I think I might also stick the housing together with some ta