Finding Historic Data for Cameras No Longer Online

Look at Telraam
there are some cameras that are no longer online nearby, but existed within the last year.
Is that data still retained, and can it be accessed?

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That data is still available on the map.

If you click on a grey segment, which implies it is not currently collecting data, you will still see the most recent data and be able to look back through its history.

If you have access to the API, you can also query this older data if you want to.

At some stage we will probably move the archived data away from the current “live” map, but we still want it to be available, so it may just be a case of a toggle that allows you to load all segments.

Does this help? Is there a specific location you are looking at that does not have data?

The gray was so subtle I’d missed it: got it now.

I do reiterate the request to have a way for an owner, or even the public
to annotate the public data publicly. For example:

  • Camera removed due to poor performance
  • Dirty window
  • Paving from August 11th to September 10th
  • Speed limit change from 25 MPH to 20 MPH with new signs as of August 11th

Etc. With a column in the API tables indicating there’s a note (even if it’s not the note itself).

Data used blindly is data used incorrectly.

@bryce2 totally. We’re thinking exactly the same. We’ll start working on a new annotations feature in the summer, should be launched this year!

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I just ask that it be exposed all the way to the API level.
If possible have it support date ranges, but if not at least a start and end date (e.g. “Street closed due to XXX”).

A lot of analysis work will use averages or whatever, that can get readily messed. up.