Do I need a Telraam device to take part in Telraam Talks?

No, you don’t!

Telraam Talks is all about the reasons WHY people need to count traffic, not the devices.

This is true for individual citizens, whether you want to have a say about traffic on your street or your town, or whether you want data to create change.

It is also true for professionals who want to discuss SMART cities, data, community engagement and much more.

If you already have a Telraam account

Click on the ‘register’ button and make sure you are signed in to your Telraam dashboard account. Your Telraam Talks account will be created automatically.

If you can, please add an image to your account - it can be a photo or any image you like, as it makes conversations more personal.

If you don’t have a Telraam account

You will need to create a Telraam account because this is how we collect the necessary details, but you do not need to have, or want, a Telraam device.

Once you’ve got an account, you can link this to Telraam Talks and join the conversation here.

If you do have a device, then this is also a place to meet others who share your goals and also have experience to share - so you can exchange ideas and support.

And if you simply want to read, then go ahead!