Dashboard and device reporting very different numbers

My dashboard says in the last 24 hours:

My device says:

That’s a very large discrepancy! Is it an artifact of the upload disruptions I mentioned in another post, or…?

There may be some issues with the data as per your other post, but I don’t think this is the issue here.

Can I ask, on the query to generate the dashboard results, did you enter 5/31 to 6/1 or did you run the query for 6/1 to 6/1? If you want just the most recent day, then you need the latter, otherwise you are including the total for more than 24 hours.

The device total is actually a total for the current day, reset at midnight. However, if your device reboots, then this is also reset on the device and it will start again on reboot. However, the data in the dashboard will be accurate as this is updated regularly and saved.

Does this help? If you re-run the dashboard query, are the totals at least more in agreement?