Berlin zählt Mobilität (BzM) - Kibana based dashboard is online

our Kibana based analyzing tool is online. This dashboard is based on the CSV data and allows data analyzing over long timeframes.
The CSV data are read with Logstash into Elasticsearch every hour at the 30th minute.

It’s amazing to see, how many objects are counted since 2021 in the Berlin area. But it is more usefull, if you select a dedicated segment number to see the results for a specific Telraam device. For segment selection you can enter the last four numbers and the system shows all segment numbers which contain these number. Similarly, single or multiple days or hours of the day can be selected.
If you specify the term “uptime > 0.3” in the Search field you will get all countings with an uptime greater then 0.3. I think, we have to discuss, which uptime is usefull to suppress not wanted data (e.g. erroneous count data).

Little by little we want to add more useful visualizations. If anyone is interested in helping us with this, please contact us by email. We will then set up an account for a separate Kibana Space .

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