Which ROI to make a bush transparent :-) . Help choosing ROI

What Region of Interest would be best for this setup, which has an unfortunately placed bush?

(Kains Avenue Albany)

Has anyone built a 3D printable bracket, to allow the telraam camera to be pointed a bit left or right?

download (4)

download (5)

Sadly none will be idea with the tree in the middle there. I think the ones you’ve chosen make most sense because keeping the tree on one side or other will be better than having objects appear (to the device), then disappear and reappear behind it.

However, in general terms we would not recommend this as a good location for gathering reliable data.

One window to the left would be much better, but I assume that’s not your view?

The device is in the leftmost available window.

Use of a tripod mount for Telraam, or a way to tilt the lens, or a outdoor powered Telraam with a sunshade would provide more flexibility.