What's your "win" for this week? However small

Let’s finish what has been, for many of us, a tough week with a bit of good news.

Can you share a “win” or piece of local good news that has made you feel better?

I’ve actually got a few, but I will focus on one: a team ‘project’ that we’ve been working on that is approved and finished.

I can tell you more about this next week, but it isn’t the content that made me smile, but the team effort that was pulled together over the last couple of weeks (amongst all the other work) to make it happen. It feels good to be part of something collaborative and to know you played your part and could not have done it alone.

How about you? What made you smile?

I did a nice Telraam training sessions today with a small team in the outskirts of Berlin (Eichwalde). They’ll start a new Telraam-network. Yup, that was nice! :slight_smile: