What to do with Telraam devices when a project is finished?

There are literally thousands of Telraam devices counting traffic on any given day.

But there are many thousands more that were counting, but for whatever reason, usually because a project has finished, are no longer switched on and counting.

It would be a shame (and wrong) to have them become e-waste, as they can continue to fulfil many different functions.

What would YOU do with these?

We thought we’d ask you for community-driven ideas for what to do with devices that might get returned after 6-12 months, especially as we expect that some existing networks might want to upgrade from the current device to the new S2 in 2023.

Note about Refurbishment

Did you know that if you bought your individual device from our partners Gotron, that they offer a free refurbishment programme? You can get a label from their site and the device is sent to them for refurbishment (there are some terms & conditions to this offer) and you even get €25 credit towards another purchase on their site.

Devices issued as part of a network programme are the property of the relevant client - city, municipality or organisation - and they will usually have a plan for retrieving and re-using or refurbishing devices and so you should be in touch with them in this case.

Have you collected enough data? Then you don’t have to leave your Telraam unemployed. You can request a return label via this route to send it back. In exchange for a working device you will receive a purchase voucher of 25 € that can be spent at will in our webshop.