What to do with a broken device?

I have a broken device. When I switch on the Telraam network never appears.
Can we send back to Gotron, receive a new one for special price?

Hi Steven,

A few questions to try to determine if the device is really broken.
If you turn it on, does
1/ The red light turn on (constantly)? If this does not turn on, it means either there is something wrong with the Raspberry Pi or with the adapter.
2/ The green light blinks during ±20sec? If this doesn’t blink, it means there is something wrong with the software on the SD card. In this case a reflash of the software on the SD card might work.

We always try to solve this kind of issues, but sometimes the conclusion is indeed the Telraam device is broken. In case you bought your own device at Gotron, you should check with them what the guarantee is and if you can switch the device.

Happy to help you out anytime,

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Very sorry to hear that you are having issues with a device @abenduntergang

Had you already tried the technical steps above to resolve this, including re-downloading the firmware to make sure it is the latest and not corrupted in any way?

For devices that are delivered directly by us, for larger networks for example, we have specific arrangements. But if you bought through gotron in the first instance, then it would be best for you to contact them and get their support as they should be able to help you, which is why we have this arrangement.

If you don’t get anywhere, or are still seeing issues, then do contact our support email and we will see what else might be done.


Hello Elke, Rob,

Interesting information to survey the problem. The Red light is on, the green kept blinking. No Telraam signal. I reinstalled the software but unfortunately issue doesn’t resolve.
I will contact Gotron.
Many thanks Elke and Rob.


How is this progressing @abenduntergang ? Have you been able to resolve it?

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Hello Rob,

Yes Gotron has a good service. I have sent the broken device and Gotron returned repaired back.


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