What issues matter most to YOU?

I’m committed to make this space somewhere we can discuss not just mobility and Telraam, but all the ways that traffic monitoring and citizen science can benefit local communities and citizens.

As such, it would really help to know what are the issues that keep your campaigning engine running? At some stage, we can even consider setting up ways for those who share goals to engage directly, but for now I would simply like to ask:

What are the issues that matter most to you? What is it that makes you want to monitor traffic?

(I suspect we all care about all these things, so please pick 1 to 3 that are the MOST important to you)

  • Cycling
  • Clean Air
  • School Streets
  • Pedestrianisation
  • Noise
  • Road building / Transport plans
  • Urban planning
  • Climate change
  • Reclaim the streets
  • Other (please let us know in comments)

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interesting how diverse the results are so far - I do hope more members can share their views, particularly if I’ve missed an area of concern.

I was thinking I should have included “Play Streets” but I guess this falls under “Reclaim the streets”?