Van double counting

Hi Rob,

I happened to notice the other day when a commercial van went past that Telraam counted it both as a “car” and a “heavy vehicle.” Have you / anyone noticed this?

I see why the software might have trouble categorising a van between the two, but is there a way to make sure it counts only 1 vehicle when the van passes? (Since I noticed that, I’ve watched a bit and seen this happening several other times, though not always.)

are you sure it was the only vehicle passing?

in principle it cannot double-count as it would recognise the object as either one or the other, not both, even if it was confused. If the certainty is low, it is more likely to discard it completely rather than double-count.

what might be confusing when observing is that the screen is only refreshed every 10+ seconds so it will also include earlier observations in batches.

Is it more likely to be that?

If it is double counting, it might be useful to have a recording of this happening so we can see - though getting the view and the screen at the same time could be tricky

I do notice that sometimes it tallys several vehicles at once when they pass in quick succession. But, yes, a picture is also tricky because it’s not a common event. But I am pretty sure this is happening. Today I watched a car go by, the count increase, 10 seconds pass and then a commercial van go by and both the heavy vehicle and car count increase by one. The van was a pretty isolated vehicle - at least 10 seconds on either side - though it is possible it was still tallying some other vehicle from an earlier time when it counted both.

This is not commone, so it is not messing up counts much even if it is happening. I just wanted to check that the software would not allow it.

Would be nice if I could press the button and get into a high refresh mode, for this sort of verification monitoring. The eink display can update faster of course.