V85 speed very high in a small street


our new Telraam device location in Berlin Telraam | Kietzer Straße shows very high v85 speed values, but this is a small street. I asked Kris last week. He told me, we should wait until the calibration process has finished and large vehicles will be detected. Since yesterday large vehicles are visible, but the V85 values are still very high. So currently we can’t trust the sensor data, Telraam
The sensor is very close to the street and there are many tram traffic. What can we do in such situation? Could we trust the other sensor data, e.g. the counts of the different mobility types?

our Telraam Akkrum needed 1 month to show reliable data - - but after that period the data is very well trustable - - we started counting in September 2021

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Hi Roland, myes it’s possible if the Telraam is very close to the street, the speed counts could be off. We’ve seen this before. I’d still wait a bit to make any definite conclusions (see also Ferrie’s comment). In any case, counts are independent from speed estimates, so that shouldn’t be affected. Finally, if you have doubts about the accuracy on that particular site, I can only recommend to take an hour (ideally 2-3 times) and do a manual count and compare that to Telraam.

Hi Kris,

then I will wait some time and maybe I will make a manually count next year.


Hi, if you decide to do the manual countings, might be interesting to take a look at the FAQ article "How to validate your own Telraamdata. There are some tips & a template to write the counts on.

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