Using Telraam data to plea for traffic-calming measures

We’ve been monitoring traffic for a few years now, and presented our data to the municipality. Traffic volumes and V85 were way too high for the street category so we used our data to convince the municipality to take traffic-calming measures. Since August 2021, our street is getting a complete make-over and guess what? Yes! There are numerous speed -reducing measures built in along the way.


this is very encouraging - could you give us some details so we can learn how to to tackle a project like this?

Hi Ferrie,
well, the Telraam data itself did most of the heavy-lifting :slight_smile: But I’ll try to eplain how it went. The city was in the process of building a new mobility plan. In the citizens meetings we learned that our street was categorized as a local connection street (lokale verbindingsweg in Dutch) and therefore doesn’t need to support high traffic volumes and higher speeds than 50 km/h. When the plans for the make-over of our street were presented, we showed the Telraam-data, stating very clearly that speeds and volumes were much higher than the street should support, along with some other arguments on width cycling paths and security measures. In the actual building plans (which they are now executing) we were thrilled to see that along the whole street they included ‘axis shifts’ (asverschuivingen) to reduce speed and make it less attractive for high volumes of traffic. So let’s see how that plays out when the street is actually finished. I will definitely post some follow-up data here.


thank you for explaining Jan - jouw verhaal past in het idee dat ik heb over de mogelijkheden die Telraam in huis heeft :ok_hand:t3: