UK customisation

Hi - I’ve just seen that UK maps now show speed in mph instead of kph - not sure when this change went through but wow- it really makes a difference when interpreting. Massive thanks for putting that change through!
(yes, I appreciate we are slightly odd here in the UK for using mph etc. etc! - mph is a given for road speeds etc, though I work in km & km/h when cycling & mostly when walking- it’s really odd mix. Going near water gets even harder when knots are added to the mix :slight_smile: )


Glad you like it :slight_smile:

It was @davedriesmans’ good work.

It has been there for a few weeks now and is quite handy for thinking and reporting in MPH when needed. It works not just for the UK, but also for the US - we remain some of the last hold-outs of imperial measures!