Two-Wheelers Speeds

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I was wondering, whether it would be possible - in times of ever increasing numbers of e-bikes and pedelecs - to have a breakdown of two-wheelers speeds in addition to car speeds in the data.

Would that be possible with S2 devices?

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Hi @toens.bueker - thanks for posting an interesting question.

This is not impossible, but not yet something we can offer. We are exploring the potential of this, and have done some early work on this, but I wouldn’t expect it any time soon - we have plenty on our development plate at the moment already.

However, in principle, our speed calculation methodology could be applied to bikes and possibly motorbikes at some stage, but we would need to test and calibrate this to ensure the data was accurate enough to report as it will depend on there being a reasonable number of bikes being counted and a good, clear view.

How would you use this data if it was available?

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I live in Germany in a so called “verkehrsberuhigter Bereich”, where pedestrians and playing children have the right of way. Cars and two-wheelers are only allowed very slow speeds (“Schrittgeschwindigkeit”). Obviously people on bikes like the environment and some tend to drive faster than allowed. Now the city has installed a device, which tries to measure the speed (my guess, 'cause it’s basically a strangely shaped gray box) - and if there would be some results published in the future, it would have been nice to compare those to the measurements done by the S2 in my window :slight_smile:

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In my area the interest is not necessarily in
average speeds, but rather outlier speeds.

Who’s blasting down the street at double the speed limit, and when are they doing it?

The thesis is that those vehicles (e-Bikes or cars) are the ones creating the biggest hazard to other users. Thus I’d like to see a report specifically on the excess speed topic: counting the observed instances and giving time of day.

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Hello @toens.bueker

As per my knowledge adding a breakdown of two wheeler pets alongside auto pets is an intriguing idea, especially with the rising fashionability ofe-bikes and pedelecs. presently, our S2 bias primarily capture data related to buses , but expanding our data collection to include two- wheelers is commodity we can explore.

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Hi all,
I would like to add another (hopefully not only Germany specific?) use case and hope it pushes this wish a little bit higher on your priority list:
Against strong resistance of some groups more and more pedestrian areas (Fußgängerzone) in German cities are opened to cyclists. Mostly and legally safe only in a way that pedestrians still have priority and cyclists are supposed to take care to even slow down to pedestrians walking speed in case of any dangers arising.
Common and most articulated arguments of the opponents to openings are high-speed and recklessness of cyclists in pedestrian areas (very low accident statistics actually show the opposite).
Being able to measure the speed of cyclists would very much help to get objective data to support a fact-based discussion (as well as IMHO being able to reply to ever and ever repeated attempts and campaigns to revert the openings).
For also a lot of other reasons my hometown (Troisdorf, Germany) invested in quite a number of Telraam devices, most of them actually are installed to watch traffic in pedestrian areas of the city. So I am sure it can be a perfect testing ground for this feature.

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