Traffic modelling with Sumo

Is it possible/easy to import Telraam data into a traffic modelling software such as Sumo?

I’m thinking that our local authority probably models streets in our village with about half the amount of parked cars that are actually present. It would be great to have our own model to show how reality may look like.

Plus I like to have a play with new tools :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan, welcome to Telraam Talks! :slight_smile:

I guess you can; I don’t know how the ingestion in SUMO works, but you can easily download Telraam data from the API. Did you check out our API?

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Thanks. I’ll check the API in more detail once I have a device but was hoping that someone had maybe done this already and would have some pointers.
It’s not urgent, so I’ll revisit this at a later date.

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