Traffic jam - counting cars

how does Telraam count the cars if they drive very slowly one after the other because of traffic jam in the street. For me it seems it counts more heavy traffic because longer in the frame of the camera …

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Hmmm, speed shouldn’t influence the classification, unless cars are really really close to eachother and merge as a single object. On standstill traffic, cars can become the background and countings can be off

Thank you ! It is a question I often see on twitter, people think the counting is much lower because of the traffic jam and indeed one car quite close to the one before.

that’s an interesting question @josiane.tytens

It is something that is affecting me at the moment as there are temporary traffic lights on my street causing long delays. I still assume that as long as there is a gap (and cars are not actually smashing into each other) they would be seen.

@kris.vanherle is there a minimum speed that can be tracked in order for the movement to be registered and not ignored as background?

Hard to say at what speed this phenomenon occurs; it has to be really standstill traffic. For reference, Telraam HQ is also quite close to traffic lights and even though we have standing queues as well, counting still seems fine at most times.

Also, don’t forget, road capacity significantly decreases during heavy congestion. So one would expect traffic numbers to go down in case of heavy congestion in any case.

A good indicator is when the label “poor quality” is added in the graphs on the website. More info on that in our FAQ: