Tools for getting citizens to participate in a network

One question I’ve been asked a few times by new network clients, or those considering setting one up, is:

How can I get the word out about this project or campaign in order to get citizens to take part?

I thought it would be good to collect a range of possible tools or channels that would suit different kids of networks. Feel free to suggest additions or corrections.

Engagement tools and options

Size of area: Single Street / Small

  • Knock on doors
  • Leaflet / flyer campaign
  • Lampost signs
  • Street stall
  • Posters on windows (residential / shop)

Size of area: Neighbourhood / Medium

  • Speak to / at existing local groups, for example:
    • Parents
    • Artists
    • Gardeners
    • Cyclists
    • Political, …
  • Promote via local-based social networks
    • Facebook
    • Nextdoor
    • hoplr
    • local social media groups (WhatsApp) …
  • School / Parent organisations
  • Local authority mailings and events
  • Station / bus stop leafleting
  • Posters in shopping centres
  • Residents groups (larger buildings, neighbourhood)

Size of area: City / Large

  • Press release / interviews with media journalist
  • Advertorial / Ad campaign
  • Social media campaign / Social Ads
    • get support from celebrity / influencer
    • paid promotion
    • ask for local groups to share
  • Sustainability groups / organisations / charities
  • Walking / Cycling / Active Travel campaigns
  • Targeted mailings