Telraam with an ip camera

Hi, first post, happy to be here and hello to all !

My Q: can I use an IP camera with Telraam ? I have it installed on an RPI5. Everything seems to work (I can see the Telraam Wifi network, and have access over SSH.

Thanks !

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Hello @rsm thanks so much for joining us.

I’m intrigued about the fact you’ve managed to get this installed on an RPi5 as this was designed only for 3a. I’m not sure if this will work with later devices and cameras. Unfortunately we have had to stop supporting the RPi model as we have moved on to the new S2 and have also changed some staff.

Maybe someone else here can comment as I know folks like @Ferrie @peowpeowpeowlasers @SAI-Lab-IoT-Demo and others have done things with V1 devices in the recent past

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Hi Rob,
Thanks for your reply !
I used a script found on github GitHub - ArdescoConsulting/Telramian: Install script for Telraam Raspberry PI to get it installed on a RPi 5 but it doesn’t seem to work well even when the RPI is connected to my wifi network . The connection to the TELRAAM wifi network is not possible at all. It’s a pity that the RPi is not supported anymore :smiling_face_with_tear:


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and still functioning at Akkrum, Fryslân, the Netherlands

SO much changes with the hardware changes, and we’ve focused on the new dedeicated hardware platform we built instead.

It still works if you can get hold of an older RPi3a and V2 camera though. We have 100’s still active around the world


do you mean with an IP camera ?

a very cheap pi-camera direct connected to the RPi3

and the outside lay-out in white

and the inside lay-out in black

Thanks but I only have an IP camery and a RPi 5. Unfortunately, no more funds for this project. All the best.