Telraam wins an award - Velo City #SmartPedalPitch


Exciting news reached us today, that our friends at Mobiel 21, who were supporting and representing Telraam and the “Telraam family” at the internationally recognised Velo-City conference, had WON!

“Won what?” you may ask!

Velo-City is the world cycling summit, an event that moves from city to city each year to spread the word about cycling and cycling innovations. This year (2023) it took place in Leipzig, Germany.

Each year the host city runs a pitch competition called “Smart Pedal Pitch” where startups can pitch their solutions to help that city solve a local issue related to cycling. In their words:

Smart Pedal Pitch is an annual international call for the most innovative and market-ready cycle tech solutions, to shape the future of cycling in cities. It is a unique innovation competition for start-ups and SMEs to help build better cities, cycling ecosystems and cycling technology.

Sadly, none of the Telraam team could make it this year for a variety of other client commitments, but our friends at Mobiel 21 were there to save the day, and to represent our solution and the Telraam community.

9 semi-finalists were reduced to 3 finalists in the first round, and Telraam was among them.

Today they held the final pitches, and the audience and judges voted overwhelmingly for Telraam! :clap:

We’re very excited because it is not only recognition for the idea of citizen powered data gathering, but also encouraging positive engagement, and we get to run a pilot network in Leipzig to show what we can achieve.

We VERY much look forward to this opportunity, and to make new friends in Germany. If you are at all interested, particularly if you are based in Leipzig, let us know so we can keep you updated with our progress and hopefully get you to participate.

Danke schön, and see you soon!


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Fantastic news! :smiley: Revolutionizing ITS!

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Congratulations! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :tada:

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