Telraam V1 Raspberry Compatibility

Hi All

I am trying to setup the V1 version on a RPI 3B+. RPI is starting properly and I can access to the installation via Telraam Hotspot. The problem is now, that i am not receiving any camera images from the device. Could it be the case that it is not working on a RPI 3B+? Also I dont have an original RPI camera modul.
Thanks in advance

BR Dominikus

Check the camera ribbon cable connections to the RPi and the camera. I had the same problem and it was loose connections at the RPi end; the connector on my Pi Zero is not the most secure.


I replugged it many times, still not working.
But I will check again, thanks.
But do you have an original RPI Camera module, or some other brand?


Raspberry Pi camera.

Does the Telraam image work on Pi Zero? That would be save energy. What does your Pi Zero consume?

Working OK so far: