Telraam Talks Live - Wed 6th September 2023

Announcing the next Telraam Talks Live which is scheduled for the start of September when we are all back from holiday.

Join us on Wednesday September 6th, 2023 at 20:00 (CET) / 19:00 (UK) / 14:00 (EST) / 11:00 (PST)

You can join a live hangout with @kris.vanherle and me to chat about anything to do with Telraam, traffic counting, citizen science or anything else that has captured your interest recently.

The agenda will be published in advance, but do feel free to make further suggestions or ask questions below.

This is a great intro for any new Telraam users who want to hear more about others who have been collecting traffic information for some time. You’ll see you are not alone in wanting to create change!

We also welcome your questions. Do you have something to ask that we can share with others?

You can drop us a comment here to encourage others to post theirs, and maybe we can also do any research required in advance.

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Are you planning to attend this event?

You don’t need to register, but I will be posting the link here in this thread so if you comment, or leave a reply below, I will be able to send you a reminder in advance:

  • Yes
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Looking forward to catching up with friends after the holiday.

We hope to give you some insights into the upgraded dashboards for ‘Pro’ subscribers in this session, so should be fun as well as answering any questions you may have

Another reminder that this is happening this evening.

The link is here and will also be added to the opening post:

Join Zoom Meeting

As well as the demo of some new tools available for “pro” subscribers, I will also introduce the new group I’m building here to create tools for campaigners looking to get local funding and support for a network.

See you later!

Thank you so much to @marcohoffmann1986, @kjeldvdh and @rik for joining us this evening.

I will post the video for anyone who was unable to join us this evening so you can follow along.

These are great, informal and quick hangouts, and it is always great to hear from you how your projects are going as well as sharing our stories.

Look out for the next one coming in October!

And here is the recording of the introductory presentation, for anyone who missed it or wants to catch up (there’s a sneak peek of some new graphs coming to the dashboard)