Telraam Talks Live - Wed 31 January 2024

The first Telraam Talks Live of 2024 has been scheduled for the end of January.

Join us on Wednesday January 31, 2024 at 20:00 (CET) / 19:00 (UK) / 14:00 (EST) / 11:00 (PST)

You can join us in a live hangout with @kris.vanherle and me to chat about anything to do with Telraam, traffic counting, citizen science or anything else that has captured your interest recently.

The meetings are short (usually around 30 minutes or so), friendly and interactive, so we all get to chat but there’s no pressure.

The agenda will be published in advance, but do feel free to make further suggestions or ask questions below, but make sure to add this to your diary.

This is a great intro for any new Telraam users who want to hear more about others who have been collecting traffic information for some time. You’ll see you are not alone in wanting to create change!

We also welcome your questions. Do you have something to ask that we can share with others?

You can drop us a comment here to encourage others to post theirs, and maybe we can also do any research required in advance.


As usual, I’m including this poll to get some idea of who might be able to join us - it is not a requirement to sign up, but it helps to know who is coming

Are you planning to attend this event?

You don’t need to register, but I will be posting the link here in this thread so if you comment, or leave a reply below, I will be able to send you a reminder in advance:

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Just a reminder that this first event of 2024 will take place tomorrow evening.

We will be sharing some news about “going international” and this may be of interest to some of you personally.

I also understand that some folks have questions about the outdoor device, so we are happy to answer questions and share our experience so far if that is the case.

Bring your questions and see you there!


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When and where will the agenda and hangout link (Zoom?) be published?

We will publish both here on this topic tomorrow

The agenda is always short - just 1 or 2 items of news from us, then a ‘hangout’ where we can answer any questions from the audience and we can talk to each other.

We post the link closer to the time to make sure it is directed at the right audiences

Hope that helps and I do hope you get a chance to join us

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I’ve just added the Zoom link to the original post above, so you can use that to join us later this evening.

As mentioned, my plan is to cover some news about a new role at Telraam that could have an impact on how we work in your country, and to answer some recent questions about the outdoor device development. However, as always, this is a hangout where you get to ask questions and take part, so there could be plenty of other stuff discussed.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible and particularly to those who’ve indicated they might be coming, including:


See you later today!

Here, for @ralf.bell who missed it, and anyone else who was interested and was unable to attend, is the first section of the hangout where we shared a bit of Telraam news.

Thank you again for those who took part. It was a most interesting conversation and we learned a lot about what you are trying to do. We are particularly grateful to @dick.westerveld @matcarf and @kjeldvdh for all the various new ideas we also discussed in the “chat” session at the end.

We’ll definitely take those away and think about them for the future.

Hope to see you all for the next edition

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