Telraam Talks Live - Wed 1st May 2024

The latest in our series of Telraam Talks Live in 2024 is scheduled for the start of May

Join us on Wednesday May 1st, 2024 at 20:00 (CET) / 19:00 (UK) / 14:00 (EST) / 11:00 (PST)

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click here: Launch Meeting - Zoom

You can join us in a live hangout with @kris.vanherle and me to chat about anything to do with Telraam, traffic counting, citizen science or anything else that has captured your interest recently.

The meetings are short (usually around 30 minutes or so), friendly and interactive, so we all get to chat but there’s no pressure.

This month’s main topic will be our new Telraamer (Telraam Team Member), @Ana_Telraam who will share the skills she is bringing to the team and what plans she is putting in place for Telraam’s international growth - as this might even involve YOU! We will also give a brief update on the Night Counting beta trial that took place last month.

As usual, do feel free to make further suggestions or ask questions below, but make sure to add this to your diary.

This is a great intro for any new Telraam users who want to hear more about others who have been collecting traffic information for some time. You’ll see you are not alone in wanting to create change!

We also welcome your questions. Do you have something to ask that we can share with others?

You can drop us a comment here to encourage others to post theirs, and maybe we can also do any research required in advance.

As usual, I’m including this poll to get some idea of who might be able to join us - it is not a requirement to sign up, but it helps to know who is coming

Are you planning to attend this event?

You don’t need to register, but I will be posting the link here in this thread so if you comment, or leave a reply below, I will be able to send you a reminder in advance:

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As always, here is a recording of the introductory presentation with some further details on the results of the night counting beta test, and an introduction to @Ana_Telraam

Thank you again to all those who joined us and took part in the fun Q&A, including @dianabehets , @ralf.bell , @tor and Patrick (not sure if I have your handle).