Telraam Talks Live - Wed 13th December 2023

The final Telraam Talks Live of 2023 has been scheduled for the middle of December.

Join us on Wednesday December 13th, 2023 at 20:00 (CET) / 19:00 (UK) / 14:00 (EST) / 11:00 (PST)

You can join us in a live hangout with @kris.vanherle and me to chat about anything to do with Telraam, traffic counting, citizen science or anything else that has captured your interest recently.

The meetings are short (usually around 30 minutes or so), friendly and interactive, so we all get to chat but there’s no pressure.

This month we will be talking about early trials of our outdoor devices, some recent events in Leuven, and probably also cover some issues with connection in the UK and more in a wide-ranging news update. The agenda will be published in advance, but do feel free to make further suggestions or ask questions below.

This is a great intro for any new Telraam users who want to hear more about others who have been collecting traffic information for some time. You’ll see you are not alone in wanting to create change!

We also welcome your questions. Do you have something to ask that we can share with others?

You can drop us a comment here to encourage others to post theirs, and maybe we can also do any research required in advance.

As usual, I’m including this poll to get some idea of who might be able to join us - it is not a requirement to sign up, but it helps to know who is coming

Are you planning to attend this event?

You don’t need to register, but I will be posting the link here in this thread so if you comment, or leave a reply below, I will be able to send you a reminder in advance:

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I would love to come, but am going to a carol service… is the talk video’d? can we see it later? looking forward to meeting the team soon… and would be good to hear the update about the UK connection issues, best wishes patrick

Yes, indeed! We record the presentations, but usually leave the “chat” elements more private so participants feel more at ease to share their stories.

If you look out for previous posts about events you should find the videos for those events at the end as well.

Sorry you can’t make it this time, but hopefully we can get you along to one in the New Year. Have fun at the Carol Service

Many thanks rob, I will look at the video this time and hope to join you live next time, best wishes Patrick

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Joining as always. :smiley: I think a lot of other people would love to join but they are not aware of Telraam Talks. Should we lure them in via social media and a newsletter?

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Thank you to those who joined us last night for the brief update live, and to all who might watch this afterwards.

2023 has been an interesting year with many positives for us as a business and personally, but also a very complex and difficult year in general for everyone.

We thought we’d share a bit of recent news on our work and activity behind the scenes, and welcome some of our most recent members from around the world.

Here is the recording of a brief update by @kris.vanherle and me, which I hope you will enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2024 and wish you all a fantastic holiday season


any update on when the UK might go back ‘online?’