Telraam S2 field of view?

In my use case I have the Telraam (S1) set up at the second storey, on a street where the pedestrian path is only on the camera side (see approximate streetmix, in reality the tree space is wider, so the car lanes and pedestrian path are further apart). Currently I find it difficult to angle the camera so, that the both the car lanes and the pedestrians would be seen.

  • Is there any improvement in the field of view in S2?
  • In any case, the pedestrians would be seen from a very acute angle, almost from above - is Telraam able to count people seen from that kind of angle?
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The S2 has a very wide angle lens, so yes there are improvements to thee field of view. More importantly, you do not need to adjust the camera, but instead can select the most appropriate Region of Interest (ROI) during set-up to suit your view.

Pedestrians should be able to be seen from your angle.

In this sample image, the device is set at around 3.7m from the street level, and the path below can be seen at around 1m from the building, so should be able to see a walkway / pavement below the window.

As you an see, it can also include a wide angled view of the street, or can be focused to a narrow point to avoid distractions.

It should also be able to recognise pedestrians from that angle


Thank you!

I’ve now installed S2 and the field of view really is much better. I still find though, that the camera doesn’t quite take full advantage of the view that it would have in the window opening, and the side walk right below is not seen quite as well as possible.

I think I will experiment tilting the unit down just a little bit by adding some adhesive pads between the bracket and the unit, and see if I can optimize this.

and perhaps turn the camera a bit to the right to get away from the black corner

Yes - at the default tilt the edge wasn’t an issue as it was framed just out of the ROI. Still testing for the optimal tilt, and will then have to reposition it further off of the window frame.

It’s a bit slow going, perhaps understandably for data rates, there seems to be a daily limit for ROI image updates. A local direct feed, or the possibility for a temporary lifting of the limit, would be nice for this stage of the setup.