Telraam in the news - new podcast alert: The Spokesmen

Very excited to share a link to a recent podcast with a focus on Telraam and an interview with @kris.vanherle

This was hosted by The Spokesmen - a long-running podcast with a focus on cycling and all that it impacts, and hosted by Carlton Reid, a well-respected journalist who also writes for Forbes, The Guardian and other outlets.

It is always great to have the space and time to tell the whole story behind Telraam, not just the device but the people, mission and history. I do hope you enjoy it, particularly if you are quite new on the Telraam journey.


I should point out that the podcast was very friendly and interesting, but that the twitter conversations that happened as a result were quite a bit more ‘lively’, with lots of excitement from as far as USA, Canada and even Australia, but it did also include some who were sceptical about traffic interventions such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs).

If you would like to see some of these, see the many conversations that arose from here:

As we liked to point out, a Telraam device is neutral concerning the reasons for counting and is as useful to anyone who is trying to promote a local intervention as it is to someone who would like to evaluate the potential negative local impacts on their streets.

In all cases, data is a common currency that allows those involved to have productive conversations - using data gathered by the residents themselves, and therefore to support (or not) any subjective perceptions - and hopefully come to better solutions.