Tell Your Neighbours About Telraam

After installing your Telraam, your neighbours might notice the little device behind your window. Do they approach you with questions about the device? Or are you planning on informing your neighbours pro-actively? Here, we offer some tips on how you can inform your neighbours about what you are doing.

Neighbourhood flyer

To inform your neighborhood about Telraam in a structured way, you can distribute a neighbourhoud flyer physically and/or digitally via email or a neighbourhood WhatsApp group. A flyer template is available in several languages:

Window poster

In addition, you can also add a window poster to your ground floor window to inform neighbours or passers-by about Telraam. Again, a template is available in several languages:

Let them join the fun!

To make sure neighbours can join in the traffic counting fun, tell them that they can freely access Telraam data via Not only can your neighbours have a look at their own street segment, they can also zoom in on other streets in their neighborhood.

camera active en

If your neighbours need more background info about the available data, refer them to the article “Viewing and interpreting Telraam data”. Once they dive deeper into the data, neighbours might wish they could count too. In that case, invite them to join the Telraam community! Here’s a good starting point for novices to learn more: “Would you like to have a Telraam?

Privacy concerns

Telraam respects road users’ and neighbours’ privacy. If your neighbours have questions about privacy, the following article is helpful: “What about privacy?”.

Other tips and tricks to inform neighbours about what you and Telraam are doing? Share them!

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Directing neighbours and passers-by to the specific street at the Telraam site by generating a specific QR code.



that’s an interesting idea - would you have this displayed in your window with the camera then?

I want to hang this panel close to the pavement so that people can easily scan the QR code (sticker on letterbox, panel in front garden). The QR code brings the neighbours and passers-by directly to:

  • Live data of the specific street
  • Street profile (+ broader analysis of the data over a longer period in a diagram) of the specific street


That’s really nice @ruben_casteleyn !
Do you have any numbers on how many people scan the QR code?

Nice @ruben_casteleyn , keep us posted about the reactions it generates in your neighbourhood! Maybe you can even invite some interested people to this platform to start local discussions?

Hello Elke. Hello Sanne.
This is an idea and is not yet implemented.

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