Still no segments available for your street

You promised to look into the problem that there are no segments available for our Telraam sensor.
Please could you fix this? We need proper data to negotiate with the police and authorities.
Screenshot from your installation setup.

Hi Wolfram, we use OpenStreetMap for all this.
Based on the identity of the street (in OpenStreetMap) we make it selectable or not. If you tell us which device is counting there we’ll add it manually to the database for you. You can do it here or email

Hi Dave,

I wonder how Open Street Map prevents Telraam to create street segments.

The regrettable part is that right now we can’t use the statistics as an argument in the discussion with police and authorities.

Here is the exact location of my device:

And the Apple maps street view picture (for some reason there is no google street view available):

And that is the location in the Telraam dashboard:

how can we solve this problem?

Thanks @wolfram - we also received your request via the support email and we will look into adding this for you as soon as we can

Hi Wolfram,

Thanks for the emails with all the details and your patience!
As you might have seen we connected your device to a new street segment.

I wonder how Open Street Map prevents Telraam to create street segments.

OSM does not prevent us from making streets segments. It’s our script that only converts roads that are entered by the community with normal street properties. We ignore bike lanes, pedestrian streets,…
And sometimes it’s wrong or old information.

But thanks for getting in touch for questions like this.

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That camera looks too low, as most of the street would be obscured by the parked automotive device. Can U get access to a 2nd floor window?