Staying up-to-date with Telraam's monthly report

It’s the first day of September!

In Belgium, that means kids going back to school and people resuming their “regular” travel behaviour after the summer holidays. For my colleague @ElkeFranchois, the first day of the month also means checking the monthly report on her Telraam dashboard.

Here are some insights from that report. As you can see, July and August were both relatively quiet months in terms of both car and bicycle traffic when compared to the months before summer.

Did your street experience a similar drop in car and bicycle traffic over the summer? Or is there an increase for certain modes? Check your monthly report and share some things that stand out to you!

PS: The full monthly report of Elke’s street, the Platte Lostraat in Leuven, is available on the Telraam website.

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thanks for sharing @MertenDeKinderen

I’ve got my report too. We had roadworks on our road most of the last month, so numbers were a bit odd, but it meant that we did see an increase in pedestrians and bikes (cycles and motor versions) which is a good thing I guess.

My full report is here too (via the (share report) button)


What is really nice to see are our top 3 days of 2-wheelers in our street. Those were ‘playing street’ days, where cars of non-locals are not allowed, and kids are using the street to cylce. a lot.