Speed more than 70 km/h

Hi all,

What about speed limit 70km/h and more ?
In my street, some people drive at more than 70km/h and i’d like to measure it more precisely.
Is it something you will develop ?


although i have a V01 counting - when i request for 1 day - on the same day - i can see those speeds into the graph in the hour - let me give you a sample

someone is speeding :worried: - that happens almost every day - when i request “today” only - i can almost precisely see the speed of that ugly person

give it a try and let us know if this is where you looking for

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Thanks Ferrie for your contribution.
V85 doesn’t mean that someone is riding at this speed but means that most of the cars (85%) riding at this speed. Maybie you had only one car at this time who was riding at this speed.

It doesn’t resolve my first question who was to have more details for the speed after 70km/h.