Set custom speed limit for road and custom speed "buckets" for display

I’d like the ability to set a custom speed limit for a street when setting it up and view the " Speed cars" graph in bucket sizes that make sense to me locally. For example, in the United States it makes sense to divide these into 5mph buckets. (1-5mph, 6-10mph, 11-15mph… etc) for low speed roads and since most of our speed limits tend to be in 5mph increments. Making this change allows for more actionable/presentable data for US customers.

thanks so much for this @sbsfilms

We are looking at creating a different scale for MPH in the future

As you know, our is not a speed camera so we don’t have accuracy levels that allow as much fine-tuning as this might require. What we do (currently) is assign a car to a particular speed ‘bin’. We report this in 10 kilometer-per-hour bins and this is what we then convert to MPH (where 10kph is roughly equal to 6mph).

However, as it happens, the data is actually now available in 5kph bins but only in the API.

Since 5kph is roughly equal to 3mph, we can potentially re-calculate the MPH graphs into multiples of this, we could theoretically do something like this:

  • 0 - 6 mph
  • 6 - 15 mph
  • 15 to 21mph
  • 21 to 30 mph

Unfortunately, to hit the key targets (15 / 20 / 30) the gaps are not equal, so I will need to get input from someone better versed in statistics than me to know whether this would be too confusing or misleading. However, if this was something that was particularly required for you, then there is already this option using the API

Thanks @Rob_Telraam !

More fine-grained data would be preferable any way you slice it. I am mildly surprised that cars are binned at all on the back end, I figured this was just a front-end issue, is this for bandwidth saving? I know the devices are very limited in that regard.

No requirements here! Investigating this device with the plan to recommend this to some city planning folks though so anything I can do to advocate for usability on this side of the pond the better.

As for those specific speed bins you mentioned. I would not advise dividing them unevenly (6mph, 9mph, 6mph, 9mph, …) but rather displaying them in the smallest increment, or letting the user choose how to view them in the interface and setting a reasonable default bin size.

All our data is submitted in 15 minute bins, and the speed is the same. We do not track and report on individual objects, but aggregate counts every 15 minutes, so we couldn’t also report individual speeds, but instead group them in reasonable* bins for the report.

(* I say reasonable as the speed is also calculated, so there is a margin of error, around +/- 10%, for the recorded speed, so putting them in groups makes most sense)

This would be the ideal but also adds a lot more complexity to the dashboard. It may be possible on the full data reports, but we also need to provide basic summary data for everyone, so we need to have a compromise at some stage.

I will certainly run this past my colleagues when we look at this in detail.

That is wonderful and very kind of you - thanks so much for being part of the community

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