S2 Won’t turn on after power outage

We had multiple power outages on Dec 19 due to a storm. My S2 now won’t power back on.

Any troubleshooting tips?

It’s this device: Telraam | Commercial St

Sorry Rik, this popped up over the break and I was off. I did try to create a ticket in support for you but not sure if you heard back?

This sounds odd. It is possible that the outage might have created an issue for the device, but I think this is unlikely. Is the device still powered up? Does the screen come on?

Could you try rebooting the device (unplug, then plug in again) but keep the button pressed until the diagnostic screen comes on. If you could send a picture of this screen to support@telraam.net it will create a ticket and we can try to follow up with you and see what we can do.