S2 - Update firmware - how does it work?


I own a Telraam S2 – it works finde, but iI wonder, how it is possible to update the firmware to the newest version. I couldn‘t figure out anything about it in the documentation or the admin-menu.
On my telraam is installed: Software version S2 1.14 - 393476 (NRF - K210). It would be great, if you could help me. Thank you!

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The firmware updates are handled automatically, so there is no need to manually update it, and in any case, these are already the latest available.

In general the firmware will be updated as soon as it is available, particularly if it is a small fix. If it is a bigger change, then we may need to do a planned and staggered roll-out to get feedback from users before rolling it out to all, so we still need to control how it is deployed.

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