S2 is working in my window, but my phone and computer say it's offline

I just got a couple of the Telraam S1 units and I’ve put one in my window facing my street.

It’s cheerfully counting cars, bikes, pedestrians (no big trucks gone by yet). However, when I try to set the ROI or look at the count on my dashboard it tells me that “Telraam isn’t counting anymore” and that the last data was sent more than an hour ago.

However, the unit itself is cheerfully counting away.

How do I attach, or reattach it to my dashboard?

Hi Gordon

I can try to look into that for you Can you share your device location or your email address for your account (by personal message if you prefer) so I can see the status of the device?

620 University Dr
Saskatoon SK. S7N 0H9


We’ve checked in to it and it seems OK, but there could be an issue with signal strength with the data communication as we cannot send it a message.

We have found that certain modern window frames can interfere with the reception. Could you try repositioning it, or a different window (ideally away from the frame) to see if it picks up more signal strength (you can see this on the display like on a mobile phone)

edit: according to Bell, there should be decent coverage in the area: