S2 devices not connecting to data networks

It appears that almost all our S2 devices are currently unable to connect to the local data networks, and therefore to upload data to our networks. Any V1 devices are still active.

This appears to be an issue with the connectivity partner that provides the SIM cards in all S2 devices, and so we are working with them to get this fixed as soon as possible.

As soon as we have more news, I will update this topic.

We are very sorry about the brief gap in the traffic counts, but we hope to get all devices up and running again soon.

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Just to confirm, this is not the same issue as we had been seeing in the UK, which only affected devices in that one country.

The current issue seems to be affecting very many S2 devices in all countries.

We hope that this is only a temporary issue while both connection issues are being fixed

The connection outage appears to be over, but it may take a short while for all devices to reconnect.

At this time we can see that around 400 devices are back online and are sending data to the servers again. There are still others that are not connected, and it may help if these were rebooted by turning the power on and off again, and encouraging the device to force a reconnection.

Check your dashboard, and you should see this:

If, on the other hand, you are still seeing this message, then try a reboot

It is not yet clear if this will also fix the issue with O2 connectivity in the UK. I will update this site when I have more news.

Just for the record, this was a temporary issue on the one day (6/11/23) and the affected devices were able to reconnect shortly after the event.

This is not the same as the ongoing mobile network issue in the UK, so if that is affecting you, please check out that separate topic: Data connectivity issue for UK devices

Hi Rob, thanks for letting us know. I hung one up on the 7th in Denmark but it took appr. 18 minutes to connect. It just connected itself before it was too dark to make an ROI. It is probably a coincidence, but wanted to let you know.

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The S2 we installed here in Ireland last August has gone offline since 23rd January.I went to where it’s installed today, and it looks like there’s no signal. Is this a known issue?

Something odd appears to have happened to this device. I see it is reporting an error with the firmware, so we will have to replace this for you and if you send it back, we will look into it.

I assume there was no damage to cause this?

Hi Rob. It’s been sitting there in a shop window since last August and the guy in there told me they hadn’t been near it. There were no signs of it being moved or touched as far as I could see. I’ll contact you to arrange a solution thanks.

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