Resetting Telraam

We have inherited a Telraam that is logged to someone’s account who we no longer have communicaiton with. Is it possible to do a reset of the device so we can register it to a new account?

Hi, so nice you received a Telraam from them. It is possible to do a new installation with an ‘old’ already used Telraam on a new account. Concrete action steps you can take:

  • Log in on with your account (or first make one with the email adress you want to use to set up the Telraam)
  • Go to your dashboard (click on your name in the upper right corner < open dashboard)
  • As of here, you can just follow a normal installation. All the steps are explained in your dashboard.

If the previous owner did not yet deactivate the Telraam in his account, this will happen automatically when you complete the installation. It is linked to the serial number of the Telraam you have to insert at the end of the installation procedure.

This particular question is also explained in the FAQ articles “Installing the same Telraam on a new location

Good luck with the installation!

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