Repair disconnected antenna: Telraam fell from window

My Telraam fell from a window and the antenna separated.
There are two identical UFL connectors on the board, one marked GPS. Which is the correct one for the mobile band antenna? Connector J1 or J8?

Sorry to hear this. Here is the information you need:

You’ll first need to remove the camera mount by removing the screws:

You’ll find the correct port for the antenna below the top of the mount

Make sure the camera is back in the slot of the mount and then re-attach the mount with the screws.

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Ok, thank you. I was able to get the UFL connector seated using a butter knife, to avoid the need to remove the blue plastic camera holder.

But hey, GPS… do tell?

GPS was something we tested in the design and early prototype phases which was intended to make installation even easier by selecting the location from the map based on the device’s GPS location, but it was not included in the final design.

The benefit was relatively small, and there are signal issues with a low-power GPS unit when the device is indoors, so although it is labelled on the PCB, there is no GPS function in the S2.

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