Reliable measurement BY citizens

Telraam actively engages with citizens to deliver traffic counts.

Residents are ​motivated to discover how much and what kind of traffic ​passes along through their street​ and so have a ​direct personal involvement in local mobility policy​.​ In this way, highly relevant traffic data is collected in a participatory manner ​that can underpin ​local policy decisions.

Citizens are guided through​out​ the entire Telraam project. They learn how to ​set-up their own fully automatic traffic counter ​and how to interpret the data and ​even ​to communicate about it.​ They can then collaborate with others, neighbours, local campaign groups, citizen movements and other counters across the world.​

This way, participating citizen​s​ become citizen scientist​s​ ​that make​ ​constructive​,​ objective ​and ​data-driven contribution​s​ to local mobility policy​ that is also engaging and relevant.