Problems with setup and limits on setting ROI

I tried moving my device to a new location, which was a challenging location, with trees, fences, etc.
I reached my limit on image downloads, resulting in a frustrating experience.

After successfully using it for a few days on my quieter street, I tried moving to a busier neighborhood street.

I was setting it up with the resident in the new location. While waiting for ROI download, she became inpatient, and clicked on a button, perhaps street profile. She did it again next time.

After clicking on the button, the image does download, but I can’t find a way to use the image after returning to the camera images page.

Between trying different locations, and an inpatient user, we soon ran out of image downloads allowed.

I gave up and returned it to my home location, but still can’t reset the ROI to my previous choice.

The Telraam is counting lower numbers today, probably because the ROI is not set correctly. Perhaps the device is in a slightly different location. Perhaps I didn’t reassemble the device correctly after it dropped and opened up.

I’m sympathetic that downloads need to be limited, but I suggest a few changes.

I have a few suggestions:

  1. Give a count of how images are allowed, and how many more are available.
  2. While downloading an image, warn that user should not click on anything else
  3. Let user choose from one of previously downloaded images to choose an ROI.
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Thanks @kevin

I’m sorry to hear about the issues moving the device, but I like your suggestions and will pass them on to the team to see what we can do. The speed of the download is at least in part related to the signal strength of the device, so it will vary a bit, but if we can add a count, at least it gives a warning.

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