Problem with internet access


This message is rather for the support of Telraam but I deliver it here in detail, if ever someone has an answer :wink:

I have two Telraam sensors that have the same problem and have the same internet provider.
When they were installed, they worked for a few weeks and then stopped. Since then impossible to restart them.

Looking at the security protocol, they were in WPA/WPA2. So I changed to WPA2.
Even changing this, connection is not possible.

I give you here the technical characteristics of the box, if you ever see a detail that could make the difference:

Here the device is “connected” to the box

Here the wifi connection

Here the wifi caracteristic

Here the message when i try to connect the telraam

I use the official adapter.

By the way, I know someone who are working for this internet provider, but I don’t know what exactly ask , so if you have any ideas… !

Thank’s you !

Thanks for posting @mathias.vadot

In the majority of cases we get like this, it is due to an incorrect password. I assume this is not the case with you, but I am adding it here for completeness of the advice and it is worth checking.

The Wifi connection of Raspberry Pi devices can be unreliable (one reason for our switch to IoT for the S2). You’ve chosen the 2.4 GHz channel which is the correct one.

One suggestion is to give your 2.4GHz network a fixed, different channel, such as 6 or 11 (instead of leaving it on Auto / 1). This has been helpful in the past.

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Thank you, we will try this !

IF you are having problems with WiFi, I’d also suggest having separate SSID’s for 2.4GHz & 5GHz, rather than having them on the same SSID.
this depends on the owner being happy with this approach - devices can be configured to connect to both SSID’s, but could possibly cause issues with some ‘smart’ devices that want to be on the same ‘network’, such as smart speakers etc.
You could keep one of them with the current name, and I’d suggest you rename the other to e.g. Mathias2.4 or Mathias5 etc (keep it simple with few symbols, remember it’s publicly visible etc). You can have the same password for both if you choose. Some WiFi devices will only connect to 2.4GHz…

  • 2.4GHz WiFi travels further, penetrates walls / buildings further, but is slower & much more susceptible to interference from neighbours, microwaves etc. Ideally you should only use channels 1, 6 & 11 (unless you have no neighbours using WiFi at all). Almost all WiFi devices are 2.4GHz compatible.
  • 5GHz WiFi is typically faster (more bandwidth available), but attenuates faster through (is blocked by) walls etc. It’s much less likely to be congested (there are a lot more channels available in this frequency range).
    You will want the Telraam to connect to the 2.4GHz channel…
    (The current setup - the router may try to pass WiFi clients off from 2.4GHz to 5GHz, which from memory the Telraam may not like…)
    You may want to set your 2.4GHz WiFi to 20MHz width, to ensure it does not try to use 40MHz (more likely to cause issues with some devices).
    Make sure that both WiFi router and Telraam are not next to any other radio devices - such as cordless phones - keeping around 50cm separation can help (have seen issues with WiFi router next to a DECT phone causing WiFi drop outs - hard to diagnose, easy to fix).
    Make sure you’ve not got any weird characters in your WiFi password - a longer password with numbers & letters, rather than ‘special characters’ such as " and ’ and ~ and \ etc. If you want symbols, keep it simple e.g. with @ and $ and ! etc.
    Check your internet connection is stable (does it show when the connection was last reset etc? - possibly only relevant depending on the technology - if it’s fibre then probably very stable anyway). ADSL & variants can be very unstable due to a number of issues, which might cause your issues…
    Can you check that each devices connects to Telraam using a mobile phone hotspot? (e.g. prove that the devices work & can connect etc - you’ll need to wait for around 10 minutes to see them go live on the dashboard)
    Finally, check that you can connect to the Telraam back end services from these locations? It’s possible that the Internet provider block ports / block the Telraam API (seems unlikely though) - based on what you find from above it may be worth asking your contact wether they block Telraam services / ports, but you will need to have proof of issues before you ask.
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Thanks for the tips, to get both telraam to work I have:

  • separate 2.4 and 5Ghz Wifi networks
  • block 2.4 Ghz Wifi on channel 6
  • and switch from WPA/WPA2 protocol to WPA2