Privacy rules in France?

I the FAQ, it is clearly described why the Telraam is legal in Belgium, with references to Belgian law.
Has anyone performed this analysis in other countries, especially France?

I would expect the privacy rules to be similar in other EU countries, but it would be nice to have a local legal opinion.


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There’s a small network in Chateaubourg, initatied by one or a few citizens. I don’t think they did any privacy assessment and don’t think there has been a formal data protection impact assessment (DPIA) in France.

I can share Telraam passed a thorough privacy screening for a project in Utrecht (NL) and Berlin (DE). Especially the German privacy laws are very strict and there was no problem for Telraam there. Privacy rules can differ by country, so I can’t say 100% sure it’s ok in France, but given Telraam “passed” formal screening in BE, NL & DE and don’t think there will be an issue in FR either…

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Thanks Kris,
It looks like we can go ahead in France, as a private individuals.
But before potentially setting up a network, we’d probably try to do some more verification.

If we get any updates, I’ll post them here.


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Hello to all!
No problem with the RGPD, because no data allowing the identification of an individual is sent back, except for twisted and improbable cases (for example, a sensor overlooking a dead end with 1 or 2 neighbouring houses…)
The municipality of our city has even installed 2 sensors on public buildings!


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